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Messages and Methods: Livecast Life 2.0 is the livestream podcast and blog for AGK Media Studio

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Toby and Shelley have been providing live streaming services to a variety of individual business owners and corporate clients for the past 10 years. We also produce live and recorded shows for our own channels every week along with a podcast and blog.

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What is Livecasting?

Livecasting is creating a livestream video, podcast, and blog all at the same time. Leverage your time, energy, and creativity to create a social media storm of content every week so you can grow your audience quickly and share your message with the world.


About the Hosts

Shelley Carney Profile Photo

Shelley Carney


Shelley is a YouTube Live Podcast & Blogging Host and Coach, inspiring encore entrepreneurs to start their own weekly livestream videos, podcasting, and blogging to expand their brand and business.

She and her business partner, Toby Younis, provide production services and consulting to help their clients grow their business through consistent content marketing.

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Shelley is also a co-host of the livestream podcast, Women Conquer Business, along with founder Jen McFarland.

Toby Younis Profile Photo

Toby Younis

Managing Partner

As a prime example of "Rewiring Instead of Retiring," Toby puts his technology experience to the test as he creates professional-level live-streamed videos several times each week.

Documentarian and federal government contractor for most of his life, Toby became an expert at every device necessary to create film, video and photos in a variety of hostile fieldwork situations. This important work kept him riding the leading edge of technology for the past 50 years.

Now a Livestream and Podcast Coach, Toby's thorough technology tutorials have seen his clients gaining the knowledge to overcome any tech obstacle to launch their own YouTube channels and podcasts.

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