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Aug. 27, 2022

Content Creation Strategy Framework for Marketing

Content Creation Strategy Framework for Marketing

How can you build an online business, grow an audience, engage your community and create multiple revenue streams? 

It all starts with a framework for creating content consistently. 

We're going to talk about our content consistency framework and how joining our member community is the first step to the ultimate result of becoming a successful content entrepreneur.

Outdoor Content Creation

This past week, we made some major decisions. We've closed a door and opened another. 

We have a YouTube channel that we've worked on since 2017. It's grown to 6,300 subscribers.

Because we’ve changed our content and our target audience, we've decided to leave that channel behind and start a new channel.

This new channel is about travel vlogging and taking day trips. We're exploring lakes in New Mexico and the Southwest. We're going to be doing some boating and a little camping. We’ll visit a variety of towns and attend festivals and other events. We're also going to interview other travel vloggers about their trips and what they've learned.

These people are content creators. They're traveling and vlogging about it. Many of them are retired.

We're very interested in supporting content creators over 50 and they don't necessarily need to be entrepreneurs. 

We will still cover things related to content development and distribution as we are today and share the things that we've learned.

But this new channel will give us an opportunity to explore the outdoors and how we can create content from our adventures.

It's going to require more editing, but I think we've resolved that issue by turning to some of the more modern editing tools that run on tablets. 

The new channel, New Mexico Day Trips, will offer a livestream show at 7:00 PM on Wednesday nights.

We're very excited about building another channel, getting to monetization, and growing it with subscribers who are interested in travel topics. 

It is important to do the things that we talk about by creating content and showing you how to create videos in the field. That way we can inform people who want to build their own YouTube channel whether they want to do it out in the field or in a studio. You can do either one or both.

On our Messages and Methods livecast, we’ve taught viewers content marketing in a home studio by livestreaming and distributing content online. 

We're going to add some new elements to all of that. We want to talk about what equipment to use and how to use it to produce field content that you can bring back to the studio with you to edit. Then livestream a show and include the video and your travel stories in your livestream.

To give you the confidence to create content in the field, we've refined our equipment kit over the years to be very efficient, very high quality in terms of the resulting content, and easy to use and maintain. Our field recording kit has been reduced to a medium-sized plastic container with some high-quality equipment.

Everything that we do, whether it's in the studio, in the field, or in an editing bay, we're going to share with you on Messages and Methods.

Check out our new channel New Mexico Day Trips, subscribe, and click on the bell so you get notifications whenever we upload or go live. You'll get to see our adventures and chat with us about New Mexico and other places where you like to travel. 

Our Framework for Marketing

We have built a framework that we use to create content and then distribute that content and market our business. 

The framework has been distilled into something very simple that can easily be reproduced. 

What is a Content Strategy Framework?

It is an action plan to:

  • Create content
  • Manage content
  • Publish content
  • Bridge the gap between what search engines like and what your audience needs

How can you answer your audience's questions while still appealing to search engines?

When you answer your audience’s questions, you automatically appeal to search engines. Google and other search engines want to provide the best answers for everyone’s questions. When you write or produce videos with excellent content that provides those answers, your content will be featured by those search engines.

Publishing includes not only what we're producing, but also distributing. Not only to other channels but other platforms such as podcasting and blogging platforms. 

The options for publishing your content have expanded in a way that makes it easy to do. You don't have to spend an entire day transforming content so that you can put it out to different locations. The tools are available to distribute to a number of other platforms, including social media.

Once you know what platforms and tools you want to use, you’ll be well on your way to designing a framework.

The Key Elements of Understanding

These are the questions you need to answer for yourself before you move forward in creating your framework. 

  • Why are you creating content?
  • Who is it for and why do you want to create it for them?
  • How does content factor into the buying process?
  • How do you create content?
  • Where do you put out content?
  • What systems and processes run your content marketing efforts?
  • Who’s in charge of what?

Why Do We Create Content?

We create our content to inform and instruct the elder creator community so they can create content too. 

Who is Our Content For?

Our content is for people over the age of 50, who did not grow up with a cell phone and a computer. They have a more difficult time getting the correct equipment and technology and using it for their purposes.

We help them learn about the equipment and technology and we are patient with that transition. 

Our content attracts people like us who want to do what we do. 

How Does Content Factor Into the Buying Process?

Our content provides an example that this kind of effort can be done by people our age. It isn't that difficult. It isn't too expensive.

That leads them into our process of teaching, coaching, creating courses, writing books, and all the things that we offer to help them through our coaching program. 

How Do We Create Content?

Our framework and schedule demonstrate the nuts and bolts of how we consistently create content each week. 

Where Do We Put Our Content? 

We put our content on YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Podcast platforms, WordPress, our Podpage website, and our email newsletter.

What Systems and Processes Run Our Content Marketing Efforts?

We livestream videos and use the resulting audio file to put out a podcast. Then we transcribe the audio file and edit that into a blog and newsletter.

Everybody does it differently, but the overview is usually the same. The software or apps you use might be different than what we use but it’s going to be the same kind of process if you want to consistently create content each week. 

Who’s In Charge of What?

Toby and I have divided the duties, There are weeks when he writes the newsletter and there are weeks when I do it. There are other things that I do every week that are my purview, like my LinkedIn newsletter and writing our blog posts. 

Toby is in charge of putting together all of the field equipment for video creation. Every time we go out on a trip, he has to make sure all the batteries are charged, and all the equipment is ready to go. 

Every time we have taken a day trip this past month, Toby has been trying out all of the possible equipment we can use to see what workflow is the easiest and quickest to manage.

He is also in charge of editing the video, so keeping the workflow simple is important to save time while providing the best possible product.

He has to know: Will it work from a video perspective, an audio perspective, and more importantly, once you have created all of that content, will it work from an editing perspective? 

The iPad enables Toby to take short clips, long clips, audio clips, and music and edit them into a cool video to play on our channel. 

In the past, a short documentary was 90 minutes. Now a short documentary is 3 to 10 minutes. What we create falls into the travel documentary category. We want to make those short videos a part of our live show. 

We repurpose that video content into two types of videos on our YouTube channel.

When we produce a video, we upload it in two ways. We play the video on our live stream, so people can talk about it with us as we tell our stories. Then we upload it as an independent short video on YouTube.

If people don't want to watch the entire live show, they can choose to watch the short vlog instead. 

Be aware of what's changing and how that impacts your processes.

Take advantage of our experience, our learning, and our mistakes. 

AGK Media Customer Journey 

There are times when you need to map things out even though you know in your mind how things work. You need to draw it out and share it with your partner, mentor or coach to decide, is this correct? Do we need to be tweaking this? 


We start at the top of our funnel with discovery. 

You may discover us through our live or recorded videos on YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn, or Twitter. 

Podcast listeners might hear our podcast or hear one of us speaking on somebody else's podcast.

Some people come across our blog or a LinkedIn newsletter.

Lead Magnet

Then you want more specific information from us. 

We offer a simple, yet amazingly helpful free download to get you to sign up for our email list. Our current favorite is our Content Consistency Framework free download.

Email List

Once you sign up for our email list, you receive a welcome sequence of three emails telling you what we offer. 

Weekly Newsletter

Our weekly newsletter tells you about our content and live shows and provides links to find them easily.

Free Membership Group

In our private member group, you get to know other people from our audience of content creators. You post questions and receive support in that content creator membership group.

Entry Level Purchase

That engaging group chat and support entice you to make a purchase. 

We have a book that you can purchase on Amazon called Livecast Life, the Content Creator Lifestyle. After reading the book you may think, that was great, but I need more help to get started.

Mid-Level Purchase

You can purchase our comprehensive Livecast Lifestyle course.

That course includes six months of our premium coaching group that you can join. 

Then you can purchase month-to-month coaching for extra workshops, training, and specific help for your business.

High-Level Client

When you request production services or book publishing from us, they are more expensive because we're doing more of the work for you.

How Can We Help You? It’s Your Choice!

You don't ever have to become part of our paid membership or purchase our paid products.

There's enough available for you that doesn't cost you anything except a little of your time to join us in conversations. 

After being with us for a while in our free membership, you may find that you'd like to publish a book.

We've published three books for ourselves and books for our clients. So, we've gotten really good at publishing on Amazon. If you've written enough material for a book and want it published on Amazon, then let us know because we can help you do that.

What Are the Benefits of Having a Framework? 

A framework helps maintain consistency. You are following that same framework each time you create content. It makes sense. It's predictable. It's easier to duplicate the processes because you know it works and you're going to continue doing it that way.

You could even package and sell your framework method as a course or some other digital product. 

Your framework helps you connect to your audience and it builds trust because it allows you to be predictable and consistent.

How Do You Build a Framework? 

Set your goals and objectives. 

What is the purpose of having this framework?

For our framework, we teach consistent content marketing so entrepreneurs and content creators can expand their brands and businesses online. We do this to help older folks have a chance to participate in a worldwide conversation.

Problem and solution.

Choose the problem that your audience has that you are going to solve and how you're going to solve it.

Problem: A lot of people understand what content marketing is and why it is important, but they can't get themselves to be consistent with it. They work on it when they have a lot of extra time. But once they get busy with other things, they can’t find time to do it because they don't have that framework in place.

Solution: Our framework starts with livestream video first to create content quickly and easily. If you want to launch a podcast, we're going to tell you that livestream video first is the way to go because it saves time and money and it’s very simple. That means you can stay consistent while creating twice as much content.

Highlight your unique features. 

What makes you different and better than anybody else who's doing something similar?

Our livecast framework is unique because it starts with a live video to save time and engage a live audience. It builds in motivation and consistency, unlike a traditional podcasting framework.

Know your audience's needs. 

Don’t try to sell or provide something that your target audience doesn’t need. Provide specific value to address their unique needs. Offer transformation for your clients.

Format and channels. 

What type of format are you going to create? 

On which channels will it appear? Where will people find your content?

The formats we create are videos, audio podcast episodes and written blog posts.

Select the tools that you need. 

Choose which software and apps work best for you.

The tools that we use are Streamyard, Anchor, and Descript.

Content Consistency Schedule

Our content consistency schedule is how we take our framework tasks and add 2-4 of those tasks to the calendar each day. 

On Monday, I write my LinkedIn newsletter. Then Toby takes some of the information out of that LinkedIn newsletter to add to our email newsletter.

One of us will make thumbnails for our shows and we use them to schedule our shows on Streamyard. 

We put out a newsletter on Tuesday to announce what our shows are about for the week. All the information and links for our content are in the newsletter.

Our schedule guides the order of our tasks and builds to fill the framework throughout the week. 

Your schedule keeps your framework tasks organized so you can be consistent.

Once you come up with a framework that might work for you, implement it as quickly as possible. Don't wait months doing different kinds of analysis. The best analysis is to put it to work, see what happens, and then determine if it is the best solution or if you need to make changes.


We enjoy the benefit of a longstanding partnership.

If you can find a partner to work with you and be part of the live stream it makes your life easier in a variety of ways.

You share the workload, but more importantly, you share the idea load. 

Each of you, as you go through your effort of developing and distributing your content will see, hear, read, or think about things that you'd like to implement. 

What's important about the partnership is that you have somebody to bounce that off of and you get immediate feedback to make a decision as to whether that works for you and for your partner.

A partnership doesn't have to be motivated by money. It can be motivated by friendship or common interests, or the fact that you both have a goal or objective that you want to accomplish.

Take advantage if you have someone in your life, your significant other, or a good friend. That kind of partnership will help you move forward more quickly and with more confidence. 

Community Support 

You might have a partner or mentors, peers, and a network. 

Or you might feel really alone as a content creator.

When we work alone, we end up wondering, Is anything working? Is anybody hearing me? Am I yelling into the void? 

One way you can get support, find people who share your values and experiences, and make friends with peers to inspire ideas and help you when you feel stuck or overwhelmed is to join a community.

Dear content creator, I have a community for you to join

It's a wonderful community because you will be hooked in with other people who are also creating content. You can share with each other and you can be each other's audience to watch, listen or read each other's content.

The AGK Heartbeat Community 

We want to help everybody in our over 50 age group to get comfortable with technology so they can advocate for their needs and feel they are an important part of the worldwide conversation. We want to ensure they have a way to share their voice and their opinions and make the world a better place as they leave a legacy for their families.

Our community is free and fun to join. It's a private place, not a public forum or a Facebook group. It is set up like an online forum, but it's only for content creators over age 50.

It's a place where it is easy to ask questions like what camera should I use if I want to video myself training for a marathon? 

That's a great question and you can get a lot of input from your peers who may be doing something similar. We can give you a lot of information about gimbals and what works well for taking motion out of your videos and that sort of thing.

Join our community and ask those questions that are specific to your content creation needs. 

We've never had any problem sharing our learning, our experience, and our mistakes with anyone. 

One of our favorite things to do is be on a video conference with someone who's thinking about doing some of the things that we're doing and is uncertain how to proceed.

It's exciting for us to share our experiences and advice with people.

Who should join this group?

  • Content creators
    • Video makers & livestreamers
    • group.agkmedia.studioPodcasters/speakers
    • Bloggers/writers
    • Coach/trainers
    • Artists/performers
  • People over age 50
  • Lifelong learners

This is just a sampling of content creators, there could be others that I have missed.

If so, don't let that stop you from joining. 

We are looking specifically for people over the age of 50 because we did not grow up with computers and cell phones and we’re still learning the necessary technology. Often, we need extra help and patience to get past those obstacles. 

Lifelong learners are people who are dedicated to learning, trying new things, and doing what it takes to get to the next step.

We hope that you will join our free content creators group for people over 50 at

Upcoming things that we're planning and membership perks for this free community will include workshops, courses, downloadable resources, live Q and A, and matchups with other creators. 

It's not only a forum but there is a room called Watercooler where you can go in and have voice conversations with people, much like Discord, where you don't have to share phone numbers. You can just go into the room and be able to talk without having to type so it gives people that additional way to communicate. If somebody is not comfortable with typing or spelling, they can go into the watercooler room and have a conversation. 

Matchups are something that Heartbeat offers where you can be matched up with another creator who has things in common with you so that you can collaborate and learn from each other.

Livecast Lifestyle

We published a book on Amazon Livecast Life, the Content Creator Lifestyle, and part of that lifestyle is meeting and collaborating with other creators and continuing to learn from each other.

You can find that book at It's on Amazon and it's a really great place to start.

We also have a great set of infographics for you that outline the framework that we've talked about today. It gives you the Content Consistency Framework and Schedule in two infographics that you can print out. Put these infographics up on the wall and follow along with them until they become a part of your workflow. You can get those infographics at

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