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Jan. 14, 2022

How To Amazon Live Stream

How To Amazon Live Stream

Have you heard of Amazon Live? It’s a great place to livestream your content and sell products on Amazon. You earn commissions while chatting with your audience and growing your influencer status. Join us to learn the steps to apply as an Amazon Influencer and Livestreamer.

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How To Amazon Livestream

We’re going to be talking about Amazon live and live streaming on Amazon as an influencer and how that’s done. We’ll go over the steps that are involved to become an influencer. We’re taking you from beginner to doing a livestream on your phone to Amazon.

We’re going to get you to the point where you can have an Amazon livestream using your smartphone. We’ve gone to the next step. We’re using our Streamyard application to go to our Amazon live channel. That’s a different presentation because it’s more about Streamyard than it is about Amazon live.

We did do our first Amazon livestream this week on Monday and that’s why we feel like we’re ready to tell you how it’s done.

First, we had to get to the point where we had an Amazon storefront. Let’s talk about why you want that. Once you have an Amazon storefront you can start selling Amazon products. You don’t even have to have your own products. You can recommend and sell Amazon products that are listed on Amazon and you get a commission from each one of the sales. So if someone buys a product that you’re talking about on your show, you get a commission on that sale.

I’m using my Amazon store to talk about my Lumix camera and the camera appears at the bottom of the video in the carousel. Let’s say somebody goes to buy one of the cameras that you recommend and they go straight from the show to your store. You get a commission for that sale. Then they think to themselves, I’d like to have a flash. If they go to buy a flash after they buy that camera, you get a commission on that sale too, even if you haven’t included it in your kit.

Your Amazon live show will appear along with other Amazon influencers with their own Amazon live channels. If you want to follow our Amazon Live channel go to

When you buy something from us, from our store, or our livestream, you’re not paying anything extra to purchase that item than if you just went to Amazon on your own. Amazon is giving us a commission for bringing people in and informing them about products.

We’re acting like a salesperson. Just like if you went to Best Buy to buy something, you would not be charged additional money to pay your salesperson. Your salesperson is already making their money from Best Buy.

If you’re enjoying livestreaming and you want to take it a little further or maybe you’re podcasting and you want to make money at it, this is a way to do that. It’s really hard to get to a level where you can make money at podcasting, but with livestreaming on Amazon, you can start making money right away.

People are on Amazon to buy things. You don’t have to push them to buy things. You’re just showing them off. You’re saying, This is a really good product and here’s why, and here’s how I use it and they get interested and then they buy it and you get a commission and it’s all easy. It’s not sleazy, it’s easy. It’s not like you’re going on Facebook and pushing a product. You’re on Amazon and they’re on Amazon to shop.

They set up Amazon live so you run it off your phone. A lot of people who are presenting on Amazon live are doing it with their smartphones and ring lights. We went to the next step. We use Streamyard to do it so we look a little better and we have some extra features that make streaming a presentation easier. You can start with a smartphone or a tablet just by downloading the app.

Steps to Get Started

We started as livestreamers on YouTube and Facebook, but we wanted to figure out another way to generate recurring income.

Here are the steps that we went through:

  • Have an active Amazon account.
  • Have at least one active social media account.
  • Apply to become an Amazon influencer.
  • Start your own Amazon store.
  • Check out the Amazon Live How-to page.
  • Apply for an Amazon livestream channel on your phone.

Active Amazon Account

You want to have an active Amazon account. That means you’re buying things from Amazon throughout the year. I think you have to purchase something within the last six months from Amazon to be considered active.

I’ve had 188 purchases in 2021. Some of those are small. Some of those are big things, but everything that’s in our studio, we purchased there, all our video and photo production equipment we purchased from Amazon. It is a very active Amazon account. In addition to that, I always write reviews of the products that I’ve purchased either good or bad. I just had a bad experience with one of the products I purchased. I didn’t return it because I can fix it, but I shouldn’t have to fix it, and that was the point that I made in the review. Also, if you add photos or videos of you using the product that helps.

Then if you ask questions, if you go to a product and you’re curious about it and you ask a question on that product that’s what Amazon considers an active account. I have a very active account. We use that account as the basis for applying first to be an influencer, then a storefront owner, and then an Amazon livestreamer.

Active Social Media Account

You have to have an active social media account when you apply to become an influencer. One of the first things they ask is to give them links to your social media accounts. On my Instagram, I have 450 followers. On the Messages and Methods YouTube channel, we have 6,400 subscribers and 2.64 million views on our videos. On the Videotero YouTube channel, we have 1200 subscribers and 357,000 views. I have 900 followers on my Facebook profile. This is more than your average person, but it is not requiring 1 million followers and 1 million subscribers and things like that. You have to have a reasonable number and we built these over three or four years worth of time. If you do it right, you can build them even faster than that.

When you grow an active social media account with a good number of followers, you’re going to keep inviting them to come and see your Amazon store and your livestream.

We have noticed that other people who are streaming on Amazon have even fewer followers than we do. I noticed one Amazon livestreamer who has a YouTube channel with 189 subscribers. That’s all it took for him. So if you have followers or subscribers on one or more social media sites, at least apply and see if you can become an influencer.

Become an Amazon Influencer

Go to apply on the Amazon influencer page and you can see the sign-up button. You click on that button, and it gives you all the information you need to be able to apply for Amazon influencer status. Go to I got there just by entering This page answers the question, how do I qualify for this program?

It says We accept applications for all types of influencers provided you have a YouTube, Instagram, or Facebook account. You don’t have to have all three, just one with a lot of activity on it. When reviewing your application, we look at the number of followers you have in addition to other engagement metrics. Engagement metrics are those questions and comments on your YouTube video page. They do check that out.

Establish Your Amazon Storefront

Once you apply to become an influencer and are accepted, the next step is to establish your storefront. You give the store a name. Ours is called Videotero. That blue checkmark next to my name indicates that I’ve been verified. Then you set up Idea Lists or kits where you categorize the products you are recommending.

We have a bunch of lists based on the things that we do, field streaming kit, microscopy, prizes that we used to give away, cooking gear that I use, podcasting kit, home studio, video production, live streaming, photography, my favorites, and Shelley’s favorites. The one that we’ve been focusing on recently is small set photography. That one includes all of the items that Toby uses when he does his small set photography or photos you may have seen on social media lately.

These are all the products that I use and we threw in a couple of others today. Tomorrow on our Amazon livestream we are going to be talking about the shot that we did dropping ice cubes into a glass of whiskey and we’re going to show the glasses. You can buy the glasses on Amazon, and the plastic prop ice cubes. I used real caramel-flavored liquor so it had a lot of sugar in it and it made the biggest mess. It took me two hours to clean up the kitchen floor that was sticking my shoes.

I used this steam cleaner, so we’re going to talk about it and when you see our carousel, it will have that steam cleaner on it. As we’re showing products on our livestream, we can go to our Amazon store and show them the price. If they follow that carousel link and buy something, we get a commission on the sale and they don’t pay anything extra.

We’ve had this store for a couple of years now and we’ve put things up there that we use, especially if we buy it from Amazon. A lot of times I would tell Toby since you’re buying that anyway, why don’t you add it into this store?

We’ll create a category or an Idea List or a kit or whatever you choose to call it. Then when we do our shows or our live streams, we tell people, if you also want to get these chairs, they’re in our store, and here’s how you get there. Several people purchased the chairs because they were looking for a chair at that time.

Even if you’re not going to livestream on Amazon, it’s a real easy way to add a few bucks to your account. You can get paid or you can just put it into your Amazon account and buy more things.

Sell With Stories

Tell a story about it, people enjoy listening about how you use it, why you bought it, what you did with it, or why you wanted it. They enjoy the story and then it also gives them ideas for something that they might want to do.

Get a sense of what’s going on at These are the upcoming live streams, and the ones that are live now. You can see a whole list of products they’re selling down below the video in the carousel. That way you know if it’s going to be of interest to you.

Let’s say a video is up there, not live, but it’s the recording. If I buy something from that carousel, the seller gets a commission for that.

If you go to our store, it shows our last video when you scroll to the bottom. If you wanted to buy, you could click on the button. It says view all my past live streams. If you were interested in what that person sells on their streams, you can see their past videos.

You start with the storefront and then if that’s all you want to do, that’s fine. You don’t ever have to do live streaming.

I Never Knew About Amazon Live!

I never knew about Amazon live is what we keep hearing from people. That’s why we decided to share this information with you. I told one person who is a huge livestreamer and he’s got 3 million followers on TikTok and he hadn’t heard of Amazon Live.

It’s pretty new. It’s a little over a year old and people are still finding out about it and figuring it out. So we thought we’d help our friends out and show them how to do it. It’s a great opportunity to get on there now while it’s still growing.

Making a Passive Income

You can do it on your phone and you don’t have to leave your house to sell. If you’re selling enough products and you have enough videos up there, people can still buy products from old videos, you’re making a passive income that doesn’t cost you extra effort. Videographers, the people that were shooting on tape, their biggest problem was how do you leverage your hours?

They realized the best thing to do is make how-to videos. Make copies and sell those how-to tapes for residual income. For every hour we spend in front of our Amazon live channel that’s one hour, that’s selling for us continuously without any further effort.

We’re just learning about this, but we’re taking advantage of it and we’re going to start doing at least three shows a week.

Amazon Influencer Levels

There are levels you can achieve as a livestreamer on Amazon. We started as a Rising Star and all you have to do to get to the next level is to create 90 minutes of video, then you can move up. After that, there are goals that you have to hit, including how much you’re selling on Amazon. But that first beginner level is just about live streaming, at least 90 minutes.

We did two-thirds of our 90 minutes in our first show. So we’ll go beyond the Rising Star very soon. I think it’s a way for Amazon to see if we know what we’re doing.

We have the benefit of a lot of livestreaming experience, our studio, and Streamyard, which gives us a pretty good look on our YouTube channel.

Amazon Tutorial Videos

There is an Amazon influencer page about getting started that walks you through the first steps. It has a lot of really helpful educational videos on this topic. They have a lot of best practices in there that are good to read because they want people to succeed.

Start with the Amazon influencer, but I strongly recommend that you go study this page It talks about getting started creating content, sharing content, reporting and commissions, and all the things that you need to know about becoming an influencer.

Then the next thing is the Amazon live how-to page and that’s another very active page. They have videos on how to livestream on Amazon, what kind of shopping experiences, how to download the app to your phone, and other resources. They have a complete education hub that walks you through getting this started.

Apply Through The App

Then you apply for an Amazon live channel. Now, to apply for an Amazon live channel, you have to download the application onto your smartphone or tablet. You can’t do this on the desktop.

Open the app on your device and sign in to the Amazon live app with your Amazon account credentials and make sure that you’re choosing Influencer. Because if you choose the others, you’re going to be rejected. It doesn’t know what to do with them, but as long as you’ve received your Amazon influencer credentials, you’ll be able to go to Amazon live.

You can be a seller or a vendor if you have your own products with your own trademarked brand on your own products that you are selling on Amazon. That means you would have already gone through the seller process to get to that point. But what you want if you’re selling products that already exist on Amazon is to be regarded as an Influencer.

Then open up your Amazon Live app and add your name and your logo or avatar. There’s a gear settings icon that you can use to fill in the information. Then you set up your first show. You make a thumbnail, and you add some products from your store.

When you click on the products button, it opens up your store and you can select the products that you want. It’s so easy. You can select as many as you want.

If you want to make a thumbnail on your phone, you can do that with the Canva app. There’s a free level of Canva that you can use and you can create things like thumbnails on that.

Wrapping Up

So that’s it. We did it over several months. I already had an active Amazon account. We had active social media accounts. We applied to be an influencer. That took a little while. We applied many years ago before we had a large enough social media following. I think the bar was higher back then because they were just getting started.

Then you start your Amazon store. Go to the Amazon live how-to page, and apply for your Amazon live channel. If you have a smartphone, the only cost is time and effort applying to become an influencer, setting up your store, and setting up your Amazon livestream location using your smartphone.

If you have a store already it should be easy getting that live channel. All you do is go on your phone and click it, and it should automatically happen for you if you already have a store.

That’s all we have for today and hope that we answered any questions you might have about Amazon live and Amazon influencers and how to become one and how to start live streaming to Amazon.

Ask Us About Multistreaming

Then you may learn how to do multistreaming like we do where you go to Amazon live on one channel, your Facebook page, YouTube channel, and Twitter, and then ask people to come over to Amazon to join you. Email us at if you want to learn more about how to multistream with Streamyard.

Coming Next Week – Marketing Experts Panel

Next Wednesday on Messages and Methods we will feature a panel session with six marketing experts. They’re looking forward to interacting with the audience and answering your specific questions about online marketing, social media, SEO, websites, and all of those things.

We have so much knowledge coming together next Wednesday at one o’clock live on Messages and Methods, and we do hope that you’ll join us and send your family and friends along as well, so that if they have an online business, then they can get some good information from that. 

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