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Feb. 4, 2022

Holly Katz is Stopping Fashion Criminals in Their Crocs!

Holly Katz is Stopping Fashion Criminals in Their Crocs!

Join me as I share fascinating stories and insights from podcasting women I met at the “She Podcasts Live” conference in Scottsdale, Arizona in October 2021. This series of interviews will provide the foundation of understanding of why women podcast today and how they impact the world through their voice and message.

My guest for this conversation is Holly Katz, host of Fashion Crimes Podcast and Personal stylist, moves people just

like you from feeling fearful to feeling fabulous. Holly’s clients consider her their “style coach”, cheering them on while they elevate their style. Holly’s career in New York City fashion and clothing production made her an expert in garment construction and design. A relocation to Atlanta led to regular television appearances as one of the top stylists in the south. In addition to personal styling, Holly is a popular public speaker and works with corporations on educating their employees about dress codes and the best business casual practices. Her newest endeavor brings her to podcasting with the all-new Fashion Crimes Podcast where she showcases her talent by giving free fashion advice, inspiration and humor. Holly was a speaker on the topic “Is Your Image Holding You Back?” She was also a sponsor of the She Podcasts conference, providing tote bags and key cards with her podcast branding. 

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