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Dec. 29, 2021

Sex, Comedy and Dating Tips for the Clueless With Tamara Schoon

Sex, Comedy and Dating Tips for the Clueless With Tamara Schoon

Join me as I share fascinating stories and insights from podcasting women I met at the “She Podcasts Live” conference in Scottsdale, Arizona in October 2021. This series of interviews will provide the foundation of understanding of why women podcast today and how they impact the world through their voice and message.

My guest for this conversation is Tamara Schoon, host of Straight from the Source's Mouth Podcast. Tamara started doing stand-up comedy after 20 years of secretly wanting to try. In her stand-up, she talks about what she knows: sex and dating—what she learned over the years and shares the resources she found most useful. Her podcast offers advice from experts and real talk from real people so that you can see you are not alone in your thoughts and experiences. She shares some of her comedy and podcasts on her YouTube channel, Tamara Schoon Comic at

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