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Nov. 3, 2021

Sheryl Robinson, Host of the Hearts of Gold and Sensory Strides Podcasts

Sheryl Robinson, Host of the Hearts of Gold and Sensory Strides Podcasts

Our guest for this conversation is Sheryl Robinson, host of the Hearts of Gold podcast and Sensory Strides podcast. Sheryl was an amazing volunteer and speaker at the She Podcasts Live conference and she was the top Whova app user winning the Gold Trophy with 435,400 points!

As a CFO at a Community Health Center, Sheryl Robinson has worked to build a patient-focused team willing to lead others. She also uses skills learned from Viterbo's Servant Leadership program to support young women working on their Girl Scout Gold Award projects. She hosts two podcasts: Sensory Strides, sharing life experiences in less than five minutes and Hearts of Gold, (a podcast and YouTube channel) showcasing young women across the nation who have earned the Girl Scout Gold Award. She is a true back of the packer, coming in LAST in multiple events, including a 70.3 half iron triathlon and a 50k trail run. She chooses an event every year to work towards to keep herself motivated to stay active. 

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Remember to look for Sheryl’s interview episode we recorded during the She Podcasts Live conference on the Messages and Methods podcast. We’re excited about our upcoming book of women in podcasting interviews and working diligently to release that in time for the holidays.

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