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Stories trigger the release of endorphins because a story is a format that is familiar to us from early childhood, and some even claim that it is part of our DNA.

The researchers who investigated this question suggest that when we listen to a story and form a mental image of its events, our brain…

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The use of framing in a story makes it possible to direct attention to the aspects of a story that we wish to emphasize, and at the same
time downplay those we would prefer to disregard.

It has the power to promote a preferred agenda or direct and propel processing along the desired channel. Schol…

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Would a random sequence of facts captivate you or anyone else? Probably not. Yet it is relatively easy to capture people’s attention with a good

Facts can be told in any order; it doesn’t really matter how you start or finish. With stories, we want to follow the events as they unfold and k…

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Shelley and Toby interview friend and fellow livestreamer, Dr. Coffee Brown to discuss his plans for his new channel: What’s New in Health and Medicine.

Are you at or near retirement and thinking about launching a home-based business? Or do you want to create a legacy of wisdom you can share throu…

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At The Podcasting and Livestreaming Channel we interview entrepreneurs and business owners who take full advantage of podcasting and livestreaming to expand their social media presence. Join us every Tuesday at 7pm Mountain Time to meet another successful podcaster-livestreamer.

The Podcasting and…

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When You Rest, You Rust

An AARP study reported that almost half of their respondents planned to have a retirement job and be a working senior into their 70s or beyond.

There are many reasons to continue working or become an encore entrepreneur after age 65. If you have invested heavily in your c…

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What is a Legacy LiveStreamer?

Legacy LiveStreamer is a term I use to describe a person 55 and over who wants to educate, support, uplift and create a community centered around their passion or mission so they may share their wisdom with the world.

The purpose of sharing their ideas is to bring …

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Encore Entrepreneur

An encore career is work in the second half of life that combines continued income, greater personal meaning, and social impact. These jobs are paid positions often in public interest fields, such as education, the environment, health, the government sector, social services, an…

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What is a Senior Tuber?

You’ve heard of Kids YouTube and maybe you’ve heard of Book Tubers, but have you heard about Senior Tubers? These are people in their retirement years who share great content on YouTube.

Tim Rowett has been collecting unusual toys for over thirty years, and his channel, G…

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Benefits of work after retirement

After retirement, exercise, reading and crossword puzzles may provide the stimulus to help stay fit mentally and physically, but working is also an excellent way to stay engaged.

People who work after retirement often remain more active and socially connected, w…

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A Story Becomes a Bridge

If someone hears another person’s story, they are likely to feel affection and empathy for that person.

A story is one of the most powerful tools to persuade and motivate as it brings people closer together. A story is a bridge that establishes a connection between people…

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Shelley and Toby have a delightful discussion with Janet Bridgers, friend, life-long environmental activist, President of EarthAlert! and aspiring livestreamer and podcaster.

More information about EarthAlert plus videos and documentaries here:
Find Janet's book, The Health…

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Welcome to The Podcasting and Livestreaming Channel. I’m your host, Toby Younis. In this episode, my guest is Grant Baciocco, the creator/owner of Saturday Morning Media, a trans-media company focused on creating quality family-friendly content. He is a Podcast Hall of Fame inductee and the book Po…

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Why We Market on YouTube

Over 80% of marketers use video marketing. The majority of video is watched on social media using mobile devices and 53% of consumers engage with a brand after viewing a video on social media. Video gets around 87% more engagement than any other type of content. Video has …

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Media Strategies

Every business can influence customers through Paid media such as Sponsorship and advertising. Earned media like news and blogger coverage, reviews, ratings, testimonials, word of mouth, viral content, and social interactions. Owned media including Websites, blogs, brochures, and …

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Educating Viewers

If you can get someone into a state of learning through educational content then they will watch your video much longer. We often refer to this type of content as added value content. You are not trying to sell through promotion, but by building a relationship.

Mental stimulatio…

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Statistics show it takes 5 to 7 impressions for people to remember a brand. When people see the most popular brands, they form a mental shortcut associating the brands to the qualities of the company's products and services That's why building a recognizable brand is a top priority, but how can we …

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About Brand

We are constantly interacting with brands or branded content across social media, radio ads and our email inbox.

Brand is your company's story and how customers identify with it. The brand tells them, “This is what you need. This is for you.”

Brand is more than a logo or design. It…

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Brand Awareness Through Video

We gain brand awareness through content marketing by promoting content across channels. You can also achieve this through the use of influencers—but you will need a clearly defined content strategy.

Types of content may include blogs, videos, infographics, case studi…

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What is social selling?

Social selling is building relationships with your audience by adding value at every stage of the customer journey to shorten the sale cycle and ultimately enhance the decision-making process.

You actually don’t have to proactively ‘sell’ a product or a service. Instead, …

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About Stories

What is it that allows you to Gain Instant Authority, Build unshakeable trust and rapport fast? The oldest and most effective form of human communication: Stories.

Before we learned to read and write, we were telling stories. The sacred art of storytelling has been the foundation o…

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Shelley and Toby have an intense discussion of the themes behind Messages and Methods and the future of their brand. Join us to add your ideas to the mix!

Are you at or near retirement and thinking about launching a home-based business? Or do you want to create a legacy of wisdom you can share thr…

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#podcasting #livestreaming #interview

In this episode, my guest is Shelley Carney. Shelley has been livestreaming hundreds of interviews, personal development videos and lifestyle content for the past 6 years on Facebook and YouTube. She is currently a podcast and live streaming coach and consulta…

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If you have questions about how the Covid-19 (Coronavirus) is going to affect you, please join hosts Shelley Carney and Toby Younis as they present your questions to Dr. Coffee Brown, Medical Director for the Bachelors in EMS program, Department of Emergency Medicine, Emergency Medical Services Aca…

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