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DJI Gimbals and Accessories with Shelley and Toby

Join Shelley Carney and Toby Younis as they host this episode on DJI's Handheld Gimbals and accessories.

Toby Younis has worked as a professional photographer, filmmaker, and videographer for nearly 50 years and has stayed current with the latest and greatest equipment and methods for working in studios or outdoors. Shelley Carney has worked with Toby as a partner in livestreaming and podcasting over the past 10 years, creating live interviews, presentations, and recorded videos and podcast episodes.

Join us on our Amazon Live channel as we teach you about the products we use for videography, photography, live streaming, podcasting, and the equipment and best practices for getting great photos of moody food, amazing brands and products, beautiful jewelry, and more! These skills will help you create eye-catching social media posts, successful ads for your own products, and brochure-ready photos to promote your business and bring in more customers and sales.

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