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July 21, 2022

YouTube Creators Can Make a Lot of Money - But Most Don't

YouTube Creators Can Make a Lot of Money - But Most Don't

As with every industry, there are a few top YouTubers we point to who are raking in millions while the rest of us struggle to reach 20 or more views per video.

So how do content creators monetize their work?

In this episode, Shelley and Toby explore the statistics and add their personal experience to explain how even a small audience can provide a path to financial success for the content entrepreneur.

Chat: Shelley: Feel like giving up? Listen to your loyal fans.

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Presentation/Training: How do content creators monetize their work?

  • Content Creator to Entrepreneur timeline
    • It takes over six months for a full-time creator to make their first dollar, then another 10+ months to be self-supporting.
  • The average annual revenue for full-time creators is greater than $100,000.
    • That average accounts for a relatively small number of high flyers who earn handsomely. The median (i.e., midpoint) revenue is half that: $50,000. (Keep in mind, this number describes all full timers who earn money, whether they’ve worked for six months or six years.)
  • Current ways to make money online
    • Center mostly on content creation & growing an audience
  • More than half of full-time content creators are self-supporting and nearly 1 in 5 say they earn “substantial” income.
    • Keyword: full-time - that means it is a business they work at every day.


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